your business in a video




your business in a video



Video production services

Video production services

Video production

We provide professional corporate video production for the health industry that empowers sales and marketing, improves customer service and amplifies training efforts. Using animation, motion graphics and advanced production techniques, we tell your story in a way that educates, entertains and engages while driving viewers to action. Learn more below or contact us to talk about your project



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Storytelling for video marketing




Video for the Hispanic Market

• 56 % of the growth in the U.S.. population over the last decade has come from the Hispanic.  
• 13% of the U.S.. population -- are now native Spanish speakers.  
• Latinos are the fastest growing US ethnic group on Facebook
• Hispanics watch more video online: 68% more likely than non-Hispanic white viewers to watch video online, and 20% more likely to watch video on a mobile phone

see it

see it

storytelling video

storytelling video


Everyone can relate to a story


When working with clients who have less experience with video, their tendency is generally to want to use the video to say as much as they possibly can about their business. They don’t realise how quickly a viewer will switch off from being bombarded with information that isn’t necessary for them to hear. Storytelling is a fantastic solution to this problem. It is not only an interesting way to get a lot of information across; it is also a lot more concise. It can also bring out an emotional response more easily than a more practical explanation.

Recruitment Video

Having a hard time attracting qualified talent for your company?

The problem may not be in your message, but rather the medium in which you're delivering it.

Recruitment Video is the only tactic that a growing, successful company can utilize overtime to present themselves to highly talented prospects who are “fishing” for the latest, greatest company to work for. Once you have your video produced and uploaded to YouTube then it will always be accessible to anyone searching for it.

People rather see a video than read

People rather see a video than read